We see publishing as a path of transformation.

The way of authorship begins with so many questions!

  • How can I get my book edited to publishable quality?
  • Do I need a literary agent?  Do I need a publisher?
  • What are the best print and digital formats for my message?
  • What is an effective way to get the word out about my book?

We can help you find the answers that fit your project. Like all life challenges, the publishing process is one of personal transformation. Done with a commitment to offering your best, book publishing isn’t a quick trip. That’s why we are selective. +more

We work with authors who are determined to alleviate suffering.

Our authors want to do more than describe a problem, teach a system, or make a name. They want to leave the world better than they found it.  Our clients often tell us they feel a responsibility to share what they have lived and learned in order to ease the journey for others. Such authors welcome the personal growth opportunities that come with making this leap.

It’s something of a mystery how our authors come to CeciBooks. But it usually begins when an author feels an intuitive positive connection with our mission. We meet, they ask a few questions, and we give real answers based on real experience. Then together we decide our next steps.

Email to arrange a personal consultation.