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Ceci Miller"An excellent book isn't just a product of great writing, editing, and strategic planning. We believe it means putting wisdom into words that alleviate suffering and awaken the best in us all."
-- Ceci Miller, MFA

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The world is changing fast. Will your book help us make a difference?
For several years now, the world of publishing has been going through a radical transformation. Despite our hopes that digital technology would settle on calmer ground, the sweeping changes brought with ebooks, apps, and the Cloud show no sign of slowing down. But are we using these new tools as well as we can?

If you have wisdom to share that can alleviate suffering, we can help you communicate your central message, as well as the story behind you and your book, with certainty and focus. Why is this the right time for your book? What lived experience led you to this bold act of service?

Your message of help and hope matters more than ever.
We live in a time of great fear -- everywhere it's easy to find signs of separation and hopelessness. And yet wherever we look, we also find stories that spark hope. If you have an unshakable belief in humanity's basic goodness, if you believe in our innate ability to awaken and to heal, you're our kind of author. From this calm center we will work with you to bring your better-world book to a wide readership.

We help you find the center, the heart, of your message.

We help you shape your message and its core meaning so that it speaks with calm certainty -- with authenticity. This shared commitment makes our relationship with our publishing clients special and powerful. When is your book ready for prime time? It's not just when the design is perfect and the files print-ready. It's when you arrive at full confidence in your message. We've seen this transformation occur again and again in our clients, as well as in ourselves. It's why we believe in what we do.

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